Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coffee in Como, Vino in Varese

A few weeks ago an Aussie friend came to Europe for a holiday. Despite spending most of his time in London, the North-South divide made it easier to meet up with him in Italy(!!!). After landing at Milan Malpensa, we drove to Como and spent the day looking for George Clooneys house. When we came across a house with people literally hanging off the iron gates we assumed we had found it! We caught a ferry tour of the lower part of the lake, ate all the standard Italian delights... (Pizza, Pasta, Gelato) and a couple of non-standard ones... (Blueberry and mushroom risotto ….. which was delicious!)

We drank wine and ate pizza in Varese and then crossed the Swiss border to drink beer and eat cheese.

It was a fleeting trip that made me wish I could spend a few months in Northern Italy researching local cooking techniques and tasting wines. But I guess I'll have to make do with the Silver Spoon Cookbook and a bottle of Italian Red! 

Volcanic Ash issues caused the cancellation of our flight back to the UK, but it all got sorted and we got home without too much stress and grief. Besides, I can think of much worse places to be stranded!


  1. Hey - was brilliant meeting you this weekend, and after reading this post Como is SO on my radar! Look forward to boozy times soon. Elisa

  2. Cheers Aussie Foodie! Sounds great - let me know how the brewery visit went on Sunday

  3. Great pictures - makes me long for a visit back to Italy! I was wondering if you might take a stab at making that blueberry and mushroom risotto and share the recipe? It sounds amazing and if your taste buds can remember, might you be able to recreate it? Thanks for the great post!

  4. Great Idea PB&J! - Ill keep you posted, but I may be able to come up with something this weekend!

  5. Lake Como looks lovely - but George Clooney is selling up. Too many paps disturbing his tranquillity apparently. Definitely still on my list of places, along with about half the world!

    So nice meeting you at FBC10, great weekend.

  6. I have not been to lake como but so plan to do it. I love the wa you describe it- as if you just went down to Brighton for the weekend. it was lovely to meet you Tracey. We should arrange a meeting with other London bloggers over some nice food.And wine.