Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Coffee In Praha ........

The coffee in Prague is wonderful – Strong, black and velvety. It smells like a mixture of roasting coffee beans mingled with melted chocolate and comes with tiny pots of evaporated milk or small chocolates wrapped in silver foil.

Prague is a coffee drinker’s heaven.

However, Prague is also a tourists dream. So with attractions such as the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the Astronomical Clock, why would someone waste their time writing about the coffee?

Simply put – because I live in London!

Yes, currently I am a resident of her majesty’s capital city, and while London is famous for Big Ben and Parliament, Westminster Abbey and the millennium wheel – she is not known for her coffee – and for good reason.

It’s almost impossible to get a good coffee in London. I can count on one hand the amount of coffee I have had in this city that has rated a positive mention. In London coffee is something that comes in a large take away cup and makes you look cool – like someone out of Sex and the City or Friends. It’s expensive, and in most cases such bad quality, it forces you to accept that you drink it, not because you like coffee, but because you are in fact addicted.

Prague was different. The coffee was excellent, and that only added to the wonders of the city. I put various establishments to the test and was never disappointed. We drank at cafes in tourist central, off the beaten track bars, small pubs near the golden lane and American style coffee houses where the staff spoke perfect English and the d├ęcor was fashionable and minimalist – the kind of establishment where coffee is supposed to be overpriced and very disappointing. But we were nicely surprised.

Prague was beautiful and will go down as one of my favourite cities. The steaks were bigger than they are in London, the salads are fresher, the waitresses’ are friendlier. Even the American tourists in Prague seemed quieter… But maybe that’s because I finally got a good cup of coffee – and everything else seemed better as a result!!