Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well it’s about time International Foodie got moving again, but before I go any further I need to explain my main motivations for starting this blog once again.

1 – Musing from afar

I promised a dear friend, when he left the UK for Guyana, that I would start writing again …. he’s been gone for 6 months …… and I haven’t written a word…..

2 - South African encouragement

Another friend (of south African extraction) told me recently that she liked the way I wrote and that I should get focused and start again…. Never one to mince words her encouragement sparked something that felt faintly like motivation ….

3 – Julie and Julia

I read about this Blog a few years ago and really liked the idea behind it. Just recently it was made into a film and I fell in love with it immediately (see Links). Normally I would hate to admit that a movie prompted some sort of action in my life. But this one was different. Firstly it was about food … and its no secret that I love both cooking and eating food!!. Secondly, it featured Julia Child, whom I have always loved as my mum and I used to watch Julia Child when I was a kid. It was the thing we did on Saturday afternoons while my Dad was playing rugby. Thirdly, Julie Powell (the Blogger) was a notorious non-finisher and set herself a project so she would be forced to finish something.

I am a notorious non-finisher …….

Something has to change!!

So with that I am starting IF once again – Enjoy!!