Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hummingbird Traitor

I feel a bit of a traitor writing this, but recently I made the Hummingbird Bakery’s Banana Loaf… and it was just fantastic! It was easy to make, and the end result was lovely… sweet but not overly, moist but not doughy and despite the richness of the ingredients, surprisingly light.

You combine 270g of light brown sugar with 2 eggs and then mix in 200g of mashed banana. You then mix in 280g of plain flour, 1 tsp each of baking powder, bi-carb soda, ground cinnamon and ground ginger, followed by 140g of melted unsalted butter.
Pour into a prepared loaf tin (23cms by 13cms) and bake at 170 degrees Celsius for about an hour. Let it cool a little and serve with a good coffee... and loads of butter!

Why does this make me a traitor?

Because I am a Primrose Bakery devotee …

Let me explain …

There has been a recent cupcake craze in London. In the past few years trendy little coffee shops specialising in decadent and ornate sweet treats have popped up here and there and they all draw a very devoted clientele. These establishments marked the beginning of London’s recent café culture boom. Finally Londoners have the option of going out for coffee and cake mid-morning on a weekend – a nice alternative to the 10.30am pint!!

The Hummingbird bakery is one such place, and there are two branches, one in Noting Hill and the other in South Kensington. Sadly, both are too far from my house to be convenient thus I have never actually been to either.

On the other hand, the Primrose Bakery is basically in my back yard and I have been a devoted fan since its birth. Forget Big Ben and Parliament – All my visitors get a guided tour of the Primrose bakery when they stay with me! Kitted out like a 50s style milk bar with metal framed chairs and tables the Primrose Bakery is one of may favourite local spots.

So in a mark of true commitment I should have purchased their book first and cooked up one of their treats…. Indeed, I feel like I have cheated on my beloved Primrose Bakery for not trying one of their recipes first…. What makes it even worse is that the reason I purchased the Hummingbird’s cookbook is that it was only £4.00!!

Cheap and a traitor….. Can it get any worse?? ……..

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